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Over these many years, we've discovered technologies that compliment QuickVet and help our client practices provide the best medical care for their patients, including QuickPACS, J-Ray Laser Systems, BitDefender, MozyPro, just to name a few.  Whether you need a veterinary practice management system, have a question about our technologies, or make sure we really are as human as we claim... call us at 1-302-659-0343 or click the button to send us your questions!

J-Ray Laser SystemsFrequently Asked Questions

J-Ray Therapy and Surgery Laser System

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  How is your company able to build and sell 15 and 30 watt Class IV Veterinary lasers for less than half of what the other companies charge?  Most of them are in the $20,000 – $37,000 range.

A:  We have searched for the best laser manufacturer available anywhere.  We worked with them hand-in-hand to design the J-Ray to not only make it the BEST laser, but the best veterinary laser at ANY price!

Additionally, we do not make the outlandish profits many other laser companies do; keeping more money in YOUR pocket. 



Q:  Does J-Ray perform as well as other lasers that cost more?

A:  Absolutely.  Many of the more expensive laser –  and we’re talking thousands and thousands of dollars more –  don’t offer the power available from J-Ray; nor do they provide the diverse and usable software and features.  J-Ray will perform just as well, or outperform, many lasers that cost $10,000+ more.



Q: Many of the lower-priced and lower-powered lasers offer minimum adjustment capabilities.  What does J-Ray offer?

A: A lower price like J-Ray does not always mean lower capabilities. J-Ray provides the the ability to adjust time, pulse width/duty cycle, power, chronicity, wound care, and much more.  Everything is done with a simple press of the touchscreen.



Q: Can veterinarians do surgery with J-Ray?

A: Yes. We have an affordable and complete dental and surgical kit available that is of premium quality. Conditions that can be treated with J-Ray surgery include: Acral Lick Granuloma, Ablation, Anal Sac Abcessation, Castration, Ceruminous Adenocarcinoma, Chronic Ulcer Debridement and Sterilization, Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture – Debridement, Cutaneous Masses – Tags, Inclusion Cysts, Papillomas, Declaw, Deep Mass Removal, Epibulbar Melanoma, Fibrosarcoma, Graft Bed Preparation – Infected Wounds, Granulation Tissue Shaving, Hemangiopericyoma, Hemostasis, Hepatic Carcinoma – Partial Hepatic Lobectomy, Liposarcoma Resections, Malignant Melanoma, Mast Cell Tumors, Perianal Fistulas, Perianal Tumors



Q: What type of training is available from J-Ray?

A: We provide a full day of live training, either onsite (travel expenses extra) or via a live webinar! Additionally, we will have training videos posted on this website soon, as well as a training manual that will help to get your up and running quickly. Our INTELITECH software is so user friendly, you and your staff can literally be using the J-Ray in minutes.



Q: Does J-Ray come with a warranty?

A: The J-Ray comes with a full two-year warranty on the Compact 15 Watt 810 nm + 15 Watt 980 nm Diode Module with True Color Touch Screen, and a one-year warranty on the therapy handpiece.  The J-Ray software can also be updated in-office.



Q: How can I order J-Ray?

A: You can order quickly and easily by calling Dustin personally at 302-659-0343.  Normal delivery time is 10 – 14 days.  You will receive a fantastic carrying case, marketing info, and much more.  ServiceVet Technologies pride themselves on complete and personal customer service; things that are often lost from larger and more expensive companies.

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