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J-Ray Laser SystemsLaser Surgery

J-Ray Diode Laser Surgery Laser Surgery

"After using a co2 laser and therapy laser for the last 10 years the J-ray has become a welcomed addition to our practice.  The dual capabilities make it versatile both medically and financially.  At the price point the J-ray would be a great addition to any practice.  It has more than achieved our expectations."

Written by Dr. Nathan Metz, DVM, Metz Petz Veterinary Clinics, Ada & Shawnee, Ohio


J-Ray Laser System with Surgery Kit

Laser Surgery with the J-Ray

Diode laser energy can be applied superficially, as well as in open and endoscopic surgery. Thin flexible fibers deliver required amounts of energy into the body in a minimally-invasive technique. Both cutting and coagulation are performed in a single step reducing bleeding, less pain, faster healing and quicker recovery.

Our veterinarians have used the J-Ray Laser System in surgery with amazing results!  Using the proper techniques for diode laser surgery, the delivery of laser energy can be enhanced by conditioning or charring the tip of the fiber. The tip of the fiber is charred by activating the laser with the tip of the fiber in contact with a sterilized tongue depressor that has been marked with a black permanent marker. This results in the tip of the fiber being coated with a thin layer of carbon.


This next video shows the J-Ray Laser System in surgery mode during a feline neuter, surgery by Dr. Nathan Metz.


Surgerical Capability of the J-Ray Laser

We have an affordable and complete dental and surgical kit available that is of premium quality. Conditions that can be treated with J-Ray surgery include:

J-Ray Laser System

Acral Lick Granuloma


Anal Sac Abcessation


Ceruminous Adenocarcinoma

Chronic Ulcer Debridement and Sterilization

Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture – Debridement

Cutaneous Masses – Tags

J-Ray Laser System




Deep Mass Removal

Epibulbar Melanoma


Graft Bed Preparation – Infected Wounds

Granulation Tissue Shaving

J-Ray Laser System

Inclusion Hemangiopericyoma


Hepatic Carcinoma – Partial Hepatic Lobectomy

Liposarcoma Resections

Mast Cell Tumors

Perianal Fistulas

Perianal Tumors

Clinical Use Of A 15-W Diode Laser In Small Animal Surgery Results In 30 Varied Procedures

By Dr. Dennis T. Crowe, Jr., Dr. David Swalander, Dr. Donald Hittenmiller, Dr. Jenifer Newton

The use of a 15-watt diode laser in 30 surgical procedures in dogs and cats was reviewed. Ease of use, operator safety, hemostasis control, wound healing, surgical time, complication rate, and pain control were observed and recorded. Procedures performed were partial pancreatectomy, nasal carcinoma ablation, medial meniscus channeling, perianal and anorectal mass removal (5), hemangioma and hemangiopericytoma removal from two legs, benign skin mass removal (7), liver lobectomy, partial prostatectomy, soft palate resection, partial arytenoidectomy, partial ablation of a thyroid carcinoma, photovaporization of the turnor bed following malignant turnor resection (4), neurosheath turnor removal from the tongue, tail sebaceous cyst resection, malignant mammary turnor and mast cell turnor removal. The laser was found to be very simple and safe to use.  Click here to download the paper!

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