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QuickVet - Appointment Scheduler

Appointment Scheduler

Our Appointment Scheduler allows multiple appointment sessions and can be divided for multiple rooms and multiple doctors. It can even provide scheduling for Surgery and Dental Appointments. You can automatically add the client, pet, reason for visit and allot a varied time frame for potential services.   Many offices use the scheduler as the point of entry for all activity and the scheduler can be used at multiple computers simultaneously, handling those phone calls!

From the appointment scheduler you can pull up arriving clients and pets, prepare arrival sheets, reschedule for future appointments and collect departure payments.


  • Calendar - clicking on the date will bring up the calendar, with color-designated holidays identified by mousing over

  • Day/Schedule Level Locking prevents Double booking - allows office-defined flexibility, real-time booking eliminates accidental double booking, but allows simultaneous access to the Schedules

  • Day of the Week buttons allow quick access to the week

  • QuickView button brings up a calendar showing the number of time slots available for each schedule

  • Headings (Cons 1, Cons 2, etc.) are easily changed to Doctors’ Names or other designations

  • Booking for each provider - for each provider, for each lab room, surgical, dental, grooming, etc.

  • Flagging - overdue balances, etc. - also provides on-screen warning/reminder to staff daily for incoming flagged client

  • Reschedule capabilities - highlight and 1 button transfer to new date & time. Can also future book for follow up visits

  • Adjustable appointment times - office can set standard time and staff can add or subtract as needed - instantly

  • Searchable - with the click of the mouse, can find the client’s Last Appointment or Next Appointment

  • Schedule meetings, lunch, etc. - block out for any purpose

  • Viewing options - the appointment schedule can be printed in a variety formats.

  • Booking by room/equipment/etc. - by room, equipment, grooming, doctors, purpose, etc.

  • Multiple appointments for the same pet(s) that will be seen weekly or daily or monthly for a period of time.

  • Easily book recheck appointments when departing the pet(s) and client.

  • Multiple pets can be booked with one appointment!!!

  • EASY-TO-USE SCHEDULER - users rave about the ease of the appointment scheduler and most use this as the main screen for all movement throughout the system

Functions that Help Your Practice Succeed

  • Schedulers: Basic & Enhanced - Since the AHMS accommodates every style of practices, two different appointment schedulers are available.  Our Basic Scheduler incorporates all the features in our Enhanced Scheduler, yet is uniquely designed for 1—4 doctor and mobile practices, providing full view of the schedule.  Our Enhanced Scheduler manages appointments and doctor schedules/rotations at the largest animal hospital in the world.  New features continue to be incorporated, including 3 different schedules with unique time intervals, for each day of the week.

  • Auto Schedule Selection—With our hospitals that have over 30 doctors, the distribution and scheduling of appointments becomes a concern, both for production and for intern experience.  The AHMS now incorporates a percentage calculation in the Enhanced Appointment Scheduler, so if a client requests a standard appointment for a specific date, the user clicks AUTO SCHEDULE.  The AHMS automatically presents the Doctor with the lowest percentage of appointments, thus maintaining a consistent distribution of appointments.  This feature demonstrates our reaction to the ongoing concerns of a large hospital with their scheduling methods.  Now implemented, there is a controlled, consistent production from their doctors and interns!