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QuickVet - Enhanced Appointment Scheduler

Enhanced Appointment Scheduler

Wishing that there was a better appointment scheduler...

With the Enhanced Appointment Scheduler (EASe), you have found it! The EASe can handle appointments for single-doctor practices to veterinary medical centers with over 400 doctors! The EASe is in use by one of the largest veterinary practices in the world, and continues to provide innovative functions, improving efficiency and doctor-client communications!

To organize the EASe, doctors can be grouped in teams, color-coordinated with letter designations. Appointments are color-classified to types. A Free-Style Appointment is available, linked to the date, to enter any information that doesn’t fit in the standard schedule. Appointments can be “bumped” to a Bump List, for call backs and rescheduling. A “read-only” version of the EASe is available to users with limited authority, to allow only viewing of the appointment schedule.

A complete Doctor Rotation Module is provided, to organize rotations, superivsors, actions, block-out periods, vactions and so much more. This contiguous module can hold all rotations, both historically, and as far in the future as necessary. For teaching hospitals, the EASe includes Internet Rotations Templates, which will apply the interns to the appropriate services, fully adaptable to your needs. Only the current rotations are presented on the EASe.

Ask about the Auto-Select Feature and how it controls even distribution of appointments over selected doctors. The staff can click on the Doctors at the top of the EASe to get fully detailed information on that doctor, so only appropriate appointments are made.

The Enhanced Appointment Scheduler....

manages appointments for any practice, from 1 doctor to 400 doctors!

Appointment Details for the EASe

Many offices use the scheduler as the point of entry for all activity!

Double-clicking on an appointment will bring up this details form, to edit any information in the appointment. The type of appointment can be specified simply by checking the appropriate box, and this will also determine the color, to aid in recognizing the importance. Both the appointment type (Fit In, Requested Doctor, etc.) and coorsponding color are completely customized by the practice!

Enhanced Appointment Scheduler Client Access

The CLIENTS tab gives full access to all clients, and their pets. Adding a new client or animal is simple, just click on the appropriate button. To aid the user, basic instructions are provided on the form.

The EASe can also be used as the point of entry for all activities in the Reception Area, since the user can easily access appointments and walk-ins!

  • This Appointment Scheduler is presently designed for up to 300 doctor schedules, over 30 services, and unlimited doctor rotations.  It's design can accommodate larger schedules, for future needs!
  • With Doctor Rotations, customized rotations for each schedule can be entered and maintained, with structured assignment of supervisors, teams, and non-appointment time.
  • Clients are attached to appointments, to allow quick arrival processing.  The information gathered during the appointment scheduling follows the visit, to maintain information continuity for the doctor.
  • Multiple patients can be scheduled with a single appointment.
  • Appointment Confirmation is integrated in the EAS, including analysis related to confirmations, missed appointments, non-appointment time vs. appointment time at the doctor and service level, etc.

Click here to look at a sample schedule, highlighting its visual organization!

Click here to see an individual appointment in the EAS!

Click here to see the Client Access within the EAS!

Functions that Help Your Practice Succeed

Auto Schedule Selection—With our hospitals that have over 30 doctors, the distribution and scheduling of appointments becomes a concern, both for production and for intern experience. The AHMS now incorporates a percentage calculation in the Enhanced Appointment Scheduler, so if a client requests a standard appointment for a specific date, the user clicks AUTO SCHEDULE. The AHMS automatically presents the Doctor with the lowest percentage of appointments, thus maintaining a consistent distribution of appointments. This feature demonstrates our reaction to the ongoing concerns of a large hospital with their scheduling methods. Now implemented, there is a controlled, consistent production from their doctors and interns!