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Our team has been working together with veterinary practices for more than 25 years, developing a unique, adaptable practice management system that is more flexible than anything else you'll find on the market today.  Our business philosophy has always been "be helpful, be better and ALWAYS be human".  We're one of the few or maybe only veterinary technology company that designs, develops and supports our own adaptable practice management system in house. When you call us you speak with the actual people who develop and maintain your QuickVet.
Over these many years, we've discovered technologies that compliment QuickVet and help our client practices provide the best medical care for their patients, including QuickPACS, J-Ray Laser Systems, BitDefender, MozyPro, just to name a few.  Whether you need a veterinary practice management system, have a question about our technologies, or make sure we really are as human as we claim... call us at 1-302-659-0343 or click the button to send us your questions!

A bit about QuickVet

QuickVet Practice Manager

Adapted to your Unique Practice

QuickVet is fully customized, including creating any special reports and analyses, specifically for your hospital. Your clients will appreciate the unique look of your invoices and communications, providing a consistent image with your hospital's image.

Make Your Practice Paper-Friendly

You can use less paper in your practice by entering all information in QuickVet, in a more efficient mannner, with our Electronic Medical Record, Exam Templates and Proformas.

Exam Template in QuickVet Practice Manager

Improve Client Compliance

QuickVet helps you provide the highest level of communication with the client, and with it’s adaptive capabilities, communications can be presented exactly the way you want it!

Enhanced Appointment Scheduler in QuickVet Practice Manager


On-site and remote training are available to help you get the most out of QuickVet. Remote training provides a very flexible environment to learn QuickVet, at your pace and convenience!

Single Entry

You need to enter information only once; this information can be presented or printed with infinite possibilities. All information is entered in the same fashion, to facilitate new users and standard protocols for your practice.


For increased security, QuickVet can automatically open cash drawers only at assigned stations by authorized personnel. Authority codes are established allowing minimal to maximum entry into multiple levels of the system.

Up & Running Quickly:

A standard set of data is provided so you can start using QuickVet from day 1, and it will include your present data, maintaining account numbers, codes, and other information with which you are familiar.

Help with Technology

We're here to help with all your technology needs: hardware, software, networking, internet, web prescense, etc!

...and mobile goodness!

responsive mockup

Our QuickVet Practice Manager is fluid technology with real-time veterinary activity, including inventory control, payroll, accounting, and clinical record keeping through our Electronic Medical Record.

Using an open data set, QuickVet includes the Enhanced Appointment Scheduler, handling over 400 doctor schedules organized by services and meeting the demands of one of the largest animal hospitals in the world.

With customized interfaces and reports to meet your hospital's needs, QuickVet flows as your practice flows, handling all data and information, including text, pictures, video, sound, faxes, and interfaces to laboratory equipment.


Pet Modification Screen with Photo

360° Approach to Technology: We can assist with all aspects of welcoming your hospital into the digital world: recommendations and reviews of hardware, network cabling, internet access, etc.  QuickVet works seamlessly with all open technologies: Bar Codes (scanners and printing), Tablet PCs, as well as Pet Portals/Vet street®, Home Again®, “The 5 Minute Veterinary Consult” on CD, and Healthy Pet Magazine, to name a few.

Updating QuickVet - Our Responsibility: We never send you CDs or files to update QuickVet. We perform all updates remotely, and don’t take up your time upgrading our QuickVet.

QuickVet is easy to use

Easy to Use: QuickVet has the most user-friendly, best performing Appointment Scheduler, with 2 versions, to fit the size of your hospital.

Comfortable Transition to QuickVet: ServiceVet never requires your hospital to be closed during the transition. We discuss a plan designed specifically for your hospital to provide a smooth transition to QuickVet, including 2 data conversions, and adequate training prior to going live.

Boarding Module in QuickVet

Boarding Facility + Veterinary Hospital: QuickVet can maintain a boarding kennel and the veterinary hospital using the same data set, but allow separate analysis for each business.

Multiple Hospitals Managed by one QuickVet: QuickVet can manage multiple sites and business units using the same data set. A client arrives at one of your satellite clinics, and needs to see a specialist. QuickVet allows you to arrive that patient, document needs and produce estimates, check the schedule for the specialist at the main hospital, and even transfer that patient to the hospital's Departures for immediate access.

A Snapshot of the Features in QuickVet: Over the past 25 years, QuickVet continues to improve and provide more functions to assist in managing your practice, for example...

  • Calendar - clicking on the date will bring up the calendar, with color-designated holidays identified by mousing over
  • Day/Schedule Level Locking prevents Double booking - allows office-defined flexibility, real-time booking eliminates accidental double booking, but allows simultaneous access to the Schedules
  • Day of the Week buttons allow quick access to the week
  • QuickView button brings up a calendar showing the number of time slots available for each schedule
  • Headings (Cons 1, Cons 2, etc.) are easily changed to Doctors’ Names or other designations
  • Booking for each provider - for each provider, for each lab room, surgical, dental, grooming, etc.
  • Flagging - overdue balances, etc. - also provides on-screen warning/reminder to staff daily for incoming flagged client
  • Reschedule capabilities - highlight and 1 button transfer to new date & time. Can also future book for follow up visits
  • Adjustable appointment times - office can set standard time and staff can add or subtract as needed - instantly
  • Searchable - with the click of the mouse, can find the client’s Last Appointment or Next Appointment
  • Schedule meetings, lunch, etc. - block out for any purpose
  • Viewing options - the appointment schedule can be printed in a variety formats.
  • Booking by room/equipment/etc. - by room, equipment, grooming, doctors, purpose, etc.
  • Multiple appointments for the same pet(s) that will be seen weekly or daily or monthly for a period of time.
  • Easily book recheck appointments when departing the pet(s) and client.
  • Multiple pets can be booked with one appointment!!!
  • EASY-TO-USE SCHEDULER - users rave about the ease of the appointment scheduler and most use this as the main screen for all movement throughout the system

QuickVet uses an open data set, allowing other applications to access your data! QuickVet was designed on the OPEN DATA principle. The data is owned by the veterinary practice and thus it should be accessible by the veterinary practice, using other applications if necessary.

QuickVet maintains an efficient database, with no need to purge or lose data over time!  QuickVet was developed around a corporate-level database, Paradox. Thus, there is no need to purge data or lose data to maintain access speeds. All data entered is always available, so historical analysis is possible! All analyses can be processed for any date range.

Click here to learn more about the Appointment Schedulers
  • No Tax” Selection in Preferred Billing for Clients : Specify clients that will not be charged tax.
  • Owner’s info (SSN, State DL, Occupation, etc.)
  • Spouse’s info (SSN, State DL, Occupation, etc.)
  • Contact info (address, phone, email, etc.) Includes several phone options for locating an owner
  • Add unlimited phone numbers to maintain contact
  • Email Address - for sending reminders and letters
  • Service/sales history
  • Flags ( e.g. financial risk, excellent client, etc.) can also flag to all staff prior or after arrival
  • Discounts ( e.g. senior citizen, preferred client) - coupons, referral rewards, with user-defined discounts
  • Ancillary info (hobbies, children, etc. R DETAILS - unlimited comments can be attached
  • REFERRALS - Requires the user to enter referral information, including up to 2 clients, and a field to enter other source. Use to send pet information or a referral vet or send a Thank you to the referring client.
  • Searchable by owner/spouse/phone number/etc. and can search by any field
  • Required fields (e.g. name, phone number, SSN, etc.) can set to require filled fields or allow fill as needed
  • Contact Manager - to log and track client interaction such as phone calls, estimates, legal issues and documents
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  • Patient info (breed, sex, alteration, etc.)
  • Ancillary info (diet, nicknames, microchip, tattoo, etc.)
  • Weight history and generates a chart of weight measurements to present visual changes readily
  • Vaccine history and automatically sets reminder for next vaccinations, showing both Date Performed and Date Due
  • Ownership transfer
  • Service/sales history
  • Complete Kennel Profile, including Flags (biter, allergies, etc.) with expanded for grooming and boarding notes
  • Pull-down menus where applicable (breeds, species, etc.) with automatic filters
  • Expanded Clinical History with immediate access to full pet history including active pet record, comments, and any linked data or objects
  • OWNERS: Syndication, tracking multiple owners by % Owned and % Billed
  • Photos and Objects/Data, immediately accessible from the Pet Record
  • Problem List with access to visit initiating problem

Dental Charting - Includes canine and feline dental charting with comments for clinical history

Boarding and Grooming - Expanded boarding and grooming activities

Lost & Found - Record and search on lost pets and located pets — excellent community service

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  • Invoices/receipts - includes written medication and activity to perform
  • Multiple payment methods - includes split payment, cash, check, charge, on account, etc.
  • List of invoices on hold
  • User modifiable messages
  • Old invoices by client, pet, etc. - Maintains records for several years, unlike a closed accounting system that shuts at year end
  • Procedure bundles - Super Procedures with multiple tiers
  • Special discounts
  • Travel sheets - allows for muliple travel sheets defined by user (have several templates as well)
  • Over the counter sales - can use barcoding sales, multiple pet sales, etc.
  • Automated take-home instructions by procedure
  • Pre-defined take-home instruction used as needed
  • Species specific receipt messages
  • Barcode sales - Barcode pen or scanner data entry (Requires scanner or pen hardware)
  • End-of-Year Continuous Accounting - Closes accounting fiscal year, but allows access to all pet and financial record keeping to maintain constant historical record keeping

QuickVet provides Cash Drawer integration! QuickVet will automatically open the assigned cash drawer, at final billing and other key locations. A special key combination will also open the cash drawer if needed. Multiple cash drawers can be used, to accommodate multiple sales locations.

QuickVet allows simultaneous access to a visit! QuickVet allows the invoice to a visit to be processed (accepting payment and departing) while the clinical history is being completed at another workstation.

Clinical Record Keeping

  • Controlled substance log
  • SOAP & Free form notes
  • Treatment Consent, Surgical Consent, Anesthetic authorization, Euthanasia Consent
  • User defined templates (e.g. PE, Surgery, etc.)
  • Physical exam findings with adaptable templates
  • Photos
  • Laboratory findings - importation or templates per pet, per type of species, breed, per lab test or any other query
  • Diagnostic findings - per pet, per type of species, breed, per lab test or any other query
  • Laser Log - Maintains logs of laser and other controlled equipment usage.
  • Proformas - Editable standard clinical histories that can be inserted in the clinical record, eliminating repeative typing. Proformas can be added, edited and deleted by the practice.
  • Medication labels - includes printing instructions on final invoice/receipt for client
  • Client education sheets - brochures, phamplets, flyers, etc with automatic reminder to give sample at departure


  • Multiple estimates per client
  • Convert estimates to invoices, with one click of the mouse
  • Free form comments
Click here to learn more about Arrivals and Departures
  • Unlimited AR notes
  • Balance due statements
  • Transaction history statements
  • Full activity statements
  • Detailed statements by client/pet - an also per multiple pets
  • Split billing of multiple clients and expanded billing for multiple animals with multiple owners and billing addresses
  • Finance charges - equine owners with several horses, several owners and billed to a stable.
  • Held check tracking
  • AR transactions are printable
  • Deposit Preparation - tallies daily journal at end of day to double check deposit with payments in hand
  • True Aging Report - 30, 60, 90, 120 day aging and activity reports
  • End of Day Processing prints only the analyses that you select!
  • Accounts Payable with payment management: selection by date due, automatic check printing and payments applied to the Cash Journal
  • Supplier Invoices and Inventory Receiving automatically creates entries in Accounts Payable
  • True Chart of Accounts, with cash flow tracking for multiple locations, cost centers and profit centers
  • QuickVet can pass specific financial information (daily deposits, category analysis, etc.) to QuickBooks
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  • E-mail capable
  • Vaccines - multiple vax reminders by annual, 3 year, etc and by multiple visits such as 1st vax, 2nd vax. Etc.
  • Recalls for rechecks, Recalls for phone calls
  • Reminder cancellation if linked procedure performed
  • Automatic reminders if no info entered (e.g. vaccines, heartworm test, etc.)
  • Online Staff reminders for individuals, vets or full staff as needed
  • Client alerts


  • Mailing labels
  • Ability to create client/referral letters - can create or automatically generate a thank you for referral
  • List of best referral sources - does comparison of best used marketing dollars per referral source
  • Lists by breed, color, sex, etc.
  • Query by client or pet attributes, health condition, age, etc.
  • Referral report by source
  • List of best clients
  • Track marketing responses
  • Promotional Letters - fully customized letters to promote additional activities per practice, grooming, rabies alerts, etc.
  • Expanded referral analysis - Can query new clients by referral source to analyze effectiveness of current ad campaign
  • Mail Merge - from a query of clients and pets, the results can be merged into a letter in your favorite word processor.


  • Rabies, Desex/Spay/Neuter, Health, Vaccination
  • Physical exam checklist - checklist with body diagram for visual assistance and includes previous history on activity sheet
  • Can design reports with Report Writer - Can customize any certificate , letter and report with office logo,and vet’s info
Click here to learn more about Certificates and Reminders and Letters


  • DETAILS - each procedure can be organized into Accounting Category for revenue tracking
  • Tax flag for each procedure
  • Travel Sheet - to define which travel sheet this procedure will appear
  • Critical Mass - time to perform each procedure for time management
  • Barcode/Secondary Code - each procedure (as well as pharmacy and stock) can have a second code, and it can be the barcode for that item.
  • Three Update Fields - to update the pet record with user-defined information (vaccination, annual exam, etc.)
  • INVOICE NOTE - special note attached to an invoice that contains this procedure
  • SCREEN NOTE - special note for the user, displayed when the user enters this procedure in the invoice
  • CONSUMABLES - any inventory item consumed when this procedure is billed, to provide complete inventory control
  • SUPER ITEMS - lists all items (other procedures) used for this procedure so on the invoice several items so client sees on their invoice all that is involved with the procedure. Useful for Spays.
  • PRICE CHANGES - a visible audit trail documenting all changes to prices.
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  • Inventory
  • Vendor/Supplier List - Can also set preferred vendor on items to take advantage of sales and discounts
  • Vendor price comparison
  • Reorder report by item or vendor - Can set a reorder point with reminder so stock will never reach 0
  • Inventory labels with prices
  • Automatic inventory update - Automatic depletion at departure and per proforma performed
  • Inventory valuation report
  • Tracking by vendor, manufacturer, location
  • Cost management - can preset % of profit per item as determined by vet
  • Item order history
  • Lot Tracking and Expiration Dates - for further inventory control
  • Reorder Flag, Desired Quantity, Expiration Date, Refills, Prescription and Stock Labels
  • INSTRUCTIONS - default prescription instructions can be entered for each species, reducing the time to produce a prescription label.
Click here to learn more about Pharmacy
  • STOCK DETAILS - this tab is shown, where all pertinent information about the stock item can be entered
  • SUPPLIERS - lists all suppliers used to purchase this item historically R Ability to copy Stock to Pharmacy
  • Order History
  • INVOICE NOTE - attaches a special note to all invoices that contain this item
  • SCREEN NOTE - Alerts the user to any special information when this item is entered into the invoice
  • LOTS - track each lot that is received, including lot numbers and expiration dates
  • QTY PRICING - allows quantity pricing for this item.
  • PRICE CHANGES - a visible audit documenting all price changes
  • QTY CHANGES - a visible audit documenting any manual quantity changes
  • Global Price Update: To update the prices on Procedures, Pharmacy and/or Stock by percentage, dollar amount, with various rounding methods. Go to BUSINESS->REPORTS AND ANALYSIS, click on SALES ANALYSIS, click on GLOBAL PRICE UPDATE
Click here to learn more about Stock
  • Attach any Windows-compliant data to the Visit Record and Pet Record simultaneously
  • Data (documents, video, audio, images, faxes, etc.) can be saved within QuickVet or linked, allowing access by other applications
  • Data can be added from BROWSE or copying & pasting.
  • PICTURES and OBJECTS/DATA tabs display the number of items, for easy recognition
  • Add Pictures from any digital source, and in most graphical formats
  • View the picture at 50%, 100% or 200% with a single click
  • View a series of photos simultaneously

QuickVet with QuickPACS store and organize all information in the veterinary practice! QuickVet can store information from any Windows-compliant application, and is compatible with Windows applications.

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  • Sales tax report
  • Bank deposit slip
  • Voided invoices for audit trail
  • Balance due/AR report
  • Provider analysis to track productivity - by doctor, room, surgical, dental, grooming, etc.
  • Report of collection by provider
  • Fee exception report by provider
  • Daily/monthly/yearly financial reports
  • Interest calculation for aging
  • Sales summary
  • Detailed procedure analysis
  • Client lists by ratings
  • Quarterly practice analysis
  • Year end report
  • General stats report
  • Client activity reports
  • Zip Code reports
  • Projected revenue analysis
  • Double entry accounting
  • Month to date report
  • Year to date report
  • Patient reports
  • Recall reports
  • Time Clock - time clock for each employee time in and out as well as status monitoring, employee reminders and task lists
  • Graphical Analysis - Graphics for Visual Analysis of key parameters (vet defined)
  • All analyses can be done for any date range, defined by the user, with no restriction to year, or length. Since no data is removed from QuickVet, it’s always there for historical analysis! Presently, there are over 300 analyses and reports, and the list continues to grow as our client practices ask for important, unique ways to summarize the practice data.
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  • Authority Levels designated for each user
  • UserName is not case-sensitive, but password is case-sensitive, and hidden from view when logging in
  • Special setting for designate which users can process Refunds and Returns
  • Only a few general usage forms are available without logging in, e.g. Time Clock
  • Over 15 levels of authority, with clear descriptions for designating access

QuickVet was developed exclusively in the veterinary environment to manage the veterinary practice! QuickVet was developed in veterinary practices from inception, and exclusively within Windows.

QuickVet provides in-house messaging! QuickVet has a digital messaging function (like intranet email), to provide workstation-to-workstation communications. The user can send a message to any workstation; the message will appear on top of all windows within QuickVet, and the recipient must reply or close the message to continue. This messaging function will reduce or eliminate intercom noise, and provide discreet communications.

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  • The hospital can maintain multiple mobile units simultaneously, with remote updates integrated with the hospital server.
  • The Mobile Unit will update all information from the client, including updated information of pets not seen.
  • Printing can be done at the house call (using a standard or wireless printer) or all visits/invoices/certificates/etc. can be printed at the hospital in one easy step.
  • Three unique flows can be performed at a house call: Standard, QuickConsult, and Duplicate Visit.
  • Our Clickable Billable template shows charges grouped by Category, and can be entered with a click of the mouse.
  • All QuickVet functions are available at a house call, there are no limitations.
  • Travel with all the hospital information at your finger tips, no restricted views, or limited client information.
  • Easily book recheck appointments when departing the pet(s) and client.
  • The mobile laptop is configured to act as a secondary backup of the hospital data.
  • A visit can be tagged with a Clinic To Do Item, to remind you to perform a task when you return to the hospital.
  • The Appointment Scheduler adds the client’s address & phone number to the appointment details so you can group appointments based on location.
Click here to learn more about Mobile/Housecalls
  • In the Time Clock, a STATUS page allows the user to view who has clocked in, who has completed their work schedule, and if they are clocked out, why!
  • Employee Hours can be viewed (read-only) only after that employee has clocked in or out.
  • Editing Hours is only available to specific users given that authority level.
  • Access to Payroll requires the Practice (“P”) authority
  • Payroll calculates all withholdings, as well as judgements and pensions.
  • SAR/SEP reports can be generated.
  • End-of-Year Payroll Processing archives the Payroll, but is still fully accessible for reports and corrections/additions
  • The Task List is also incorporated into the Time Clock, so once staff has clocked in, they can view their tasks, with detailed information unique to each employee.
  • Communicating with staff is critical, so the Employee Reminders are integrated with the Time Clock. When an employee clocks in or out, any Employee Reminders will appear, allowing the user to document receipt and comment on the reminder.
  • QuickVet can pass specific financial information (daily deposits, category analysis, etc.) to QuickBooks.
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  • QuickPACS
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