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Our team has been working together with veterinary practices for more than 25 years, developing a unique, adaptable practice management system that is more flexible than anything else you'll find on the market today.  Our business philosophy has always been "be helpful, be better and ALWAYS be human".  We're one of the few or maybe only veterinary technology company that designs, develops and supports our own adaptable practice management system in house. When you call us you speak with the actual people who develop and maintain your QuickVet.
Over these many years, we've discovered technologies that compliment QuickVet and help our client practices provide the best medical care for their patients, including QuickPACS, J-Ray Laser Systems, BitDefender, MozyPro, just to name a few.  Whether you need a veterinary practice management system, have a question about our technologies, or make sure we really are as human as we claim... call us at 1-302-659-0343 or click the button to send us your questions!

Online Backup

QuickVet Online Backup By Carbonite

Our Online Backup Service

Your data in the QuickVet is mission critical, and must be protected using the most advanced, secure and reliable backup strategy available, using Online Backup by Carbonite.

10 Reasons You Need Carbonite

The secure and reliable online backup solution for businesses

1. You do not have a consistent strategy for backing up your company’s computers and servers.

Not backing up your computer systems opens the door to liabilities and huge losses in revenue and reputation.

2. You want a reliable offsite backup solution that works.

Carbonite combines market leadership in storage solutions with award-winning software so you enjoy worry-free backup for both Windows and Mac.

3. You don’t have months or years to roll out a backup solution.

Carbonite can be deployed to thousands of users in a fraction of the time it takes to build traditional backup solutions.

4. You aren’t willing to compromise security for convenience.

Carbonite uses the highest security standards and offers customers the option of added security by choosing a personal encryption key. All files are transferred using a 128-bit SSL encryption.

5. You want a set-and-forget backup solution that you don’t have to constantly monitor.

You can schedule your backups to run daily, weekly, or monthly, or as frequently as every two hours for near continuous backup.

6. Your IT staff is already overextended.

Stop wasting time and money with hardware, stacks of CDs, and traditional tape backup systems. Carbonite frees up your inhouse IT resources for productive use in core revenue-generating activities.

7. You don’t want to pay for software you aren’t using.

Carbonite is flexible. You determine how many licenses and how much backup space you need and that’s what you pay for.

8. You want a complete backup solution without the hassle.

A sound backup strategy involves both a local and an offsite copy of your data. The latest Carbonite innovation delivers both with Carbonite 2xProtect™, included in Carbonite 2.0 and above for Windows.

9. You’re tired of the headaches associated with backing up remote and branch offices.

With a single online administration console, Carbonite allows businesses to manage multi-user environments easily and efficiently.

10. You have a limited budget to spend on backup and prefer a simple payment plan.

Backup solutions start at less than $5 per month, with no setup fees, no hardware to purchase, and little management required.

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