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Our team has been working together with veterinary practices for more than 25 years, developing a unique, adaptable practice management system that is more flexible than anything else you'll find on the market today.  Our business philosophy has always been "be helpful, be better and ALWAYS be human".  We're one of the few or maybe only veterinary technology company that designs, develops and supports our own adaptable practice management system in house. When you call us you speak with the actual people who develop and maintain your QuickVet.
Over these many years, we've discovered technologies that compliment QuickVet and help our client practices provide the best medical care for their patients, including QuickPACS, J-Ray Laser Systems, BitDefender, MozyPro, just to name a few.  Whether you need a veterinary practice management system, have a question about our technologies, or make sure we really are as human as we claim... call us at 1-302-659-0343 or click the button to send us your questions!

QuickVet Analysis


The all-inclusive Animal Hospital Management System ….

eliminates the need for costly analysis – we have developed a large array of analysis methods, and any additional ones can easily be added.

Like the Doctor Analysis….

With a click of the mouse, you can see exactly how the practice is performing and which profit centers are doing what.  This analysis can easily be done for any time frame, and is just an example of the wealth of meaningful information you can get from the AHMS!


  • Sales tax report

  • Bank deposit slip

  • Voided invoices for audit trail

  • Balance due/AR report

  • Provider analysis to track productivity - by doctor, room, surgical, dental, grooming, etc.

  • Report of collection by provider

  • Fee exception report by provider

  • Daily/monthly/yearly financial reports

  • Interest calcuation for aging

  • Sales summary

  • Detailed procedure analysis

  • Client lists by ratings

  • Quarterly practice analysis

  • Year end report

  • General stats report

  • Client activity reports

  • Zip Code reports

  • Projected revenue analaysis

  • Double entry accounting

  • Month to date report

  • Year to date report

  • Patient reports

  • Recall reports

  • Timeclock - online timeclock for each employee time in and out as well as status monitoring

  •  Graphical Analysis - Graphics for Visual Analysis of key parameters (vet defined)

  • All analyses can be done for any date range, defined by the user, with no restriction to year, or length. Since no data is removed from the AHMS, it’s always there for historical analysis!

Presently, there are over 250 analyses and reports, and the list continues to grow as our client practices ask for important, unique ways to summarize the practice data.