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House Calls, Ranch Calls and Farm Visits

Mobile Module: House Calls, Ranch Calls and Farm Visits

Our Mobile/Housecall Module provides the full capabilities of the AHMS on the road...

When you are at a housecall, the AHMS can provide all functions and information, as if you were back at the hospital. With a laptop, and a wireless printer, you have access to all the information from the hospital, and can perform every task with ease. You can use the same flow as you would at the hospital, accessing the same screens, or use similar screens to match your unique flow at a housecall.

The AHMS has integrated features for the mobile veterinarian, so that it maintains all hospital functions, but provides enhanced efficiency at the housecall. Our Appointment Scheduler will automatically add the client’s address into the appointment details (along with their phone number), so appointments can easily be grouped by location. You can also maintain the Appointment Scheduler on the road, and when you return to the hospital, the remote update will alert you to any scheduling conflicts, while updating the schedules.

Any changes you make to the client information and to any of their pets (even ones not seen), will be updated automatically when you return to the hospital.

When arriving at the client’s home, you simply click on the appointment, and the AHMS arrives the animals, ready to enter charges, access the exam templates, or use your own clinical template. You can work up each animal, then return to their visit as needed.

When the housecall is completed, simply click once, and the billing process will begin, for all examined animals, with the option to print the invoices, rabies certificates, client education sheets, etc. at the housecall, or all reports can be printed in one simple step when you return to the hospital.

The AHMS provides several different formats for handling housecalls, including the standard format (used in the hospital), the QuickConsult format, and the Duplicate Visit format. The QuickConsult allows you to immediately access an invoice/visit (entering charges and clinical history) without arriving the animal(s). This is useful when visiting a client that has not made an appointment. The Duplicate Visit format allows you to select a group of animals that you will be examining, enter the charges and history for the first animal, and the AHMS will automatically duplicate those charges to all other animals, but you will still access all animals, to make changes.

The AHMS also includes a clickable template to enter charges, grouped by Category, to improve entry when examining large animals. With the Injection Template, you can easily document the location of injections as you enter the injection charges.

The AHMS can handle multiple mobile units in the field, originating from the same hospital, so you’re not limited as your mobile practice grows. With today’s technology, the AHMS can be used with barcode scanners, wireless printers, and wireless internet access, giving you everything you need to provide the best medicine and education for your clients.

The Mobile/Housecall Module....

gives you the same functions as if you were at the hospital, including access to all data!


  • The hospital can maintain multiple mobile units simultaneously, with remote updates integrated with the hospital server.

  • The Mobile Unit will update all information from the client, including updated information of pets not seen.

  • Printing can be done at the housecall (using a standard or wireless printer) or all visits/invoices/certificates/etc. can be printed at the hospital in one easy step.

  • Three unique flows can be performed at a housecall: Standard, QuickConsult, and Duplicate Visit.

  • Our Clickable Billable template shows charges grouped by Category, and can be entered with a click of the mouse.

  • All AHMS functions are available at a housecall, there are no limitations.

  • Travel with all the hospital information at your finger tips, no restricted views, or limited client information.

  • Easily book recheck appointments when departing the pet(s) and client.

  • The mobile laptop is configured to act as a secondary backup of the hospital data.

  • A visit can be tagged with a Clinic To Do Item, to remind you to perform a task when you return to the hospital.

  • The Appointment Scheduler adds the client’s address & phone number to the appointment details so you can group appointments based on location.